Kundeservice: 88202700

Kundeservice: 88202700

CaseProof waterproof airpods case red

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Your Airpods are precious and you want to protect them from anything that can affect their appearance or performance. Due to the magnets inside the Airpods, metal particles from your pockets or bags can be collected and may have an impact on the proper function of your device.

But no worries, the Caseproof Waterproof Case keeps dust, water, sand and even metal particles off your Airpods. The seal is designed specifically that it provides layers of protection that keep your earbuds clean and safe from any unwanted material. , Its charging port cap is also made to be incredibly waterproof and the soft silicone housing gives your device protection from scratches and scrapes.

  • Protects from water, dust, sand and metal particles
  • Material: durable, eco-friendly, premium-quality silicone
  • Immersion depth: up to 1 m
  • Aluminum carabiner for a simple and quick attachment
  • Waterproof Lightning port cap
  • Shockproof and scratch-free  ,

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